July 11, 2012

Santa Monica

Well, technically, this is Venice Beach, too.
In any case, while spending some time there with family & cousins,
I managed (incredibly) to get some decent shots of my outfit.

It's not the most ingenious look I've put together,
but what I really wanted to focus on were my shorts.
They're actually pajama/lingerie/underwear-ish shorts.

You can't really tell, but they're of the softest shade of blush,
and are so silky and comfy that I had to wear them outside.
I can't help it, I'm too into innerwear-as-outerwear!
And of course, in order to rock this trend,

make it daywear-appropriate by utilizing strong pieces,
such as structured bags and sturdy shoes.
This will add edge and balance to the
softness and flimsiness of the innerwear.

- Leira

Oh, and on a last note, here's my kid sister,
rocking the ever-classic floral-dress-with-rugged-boots combo ;)


  1. I love yours and your sisters outfit! All the pictures are so gorgeous!

    Your shorts are so cute!


  2. Always thought that shorts with loafers look so good.


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