November 20, 2013

Hello, all.

     I've decided to stop blogging here indefinitely. Finding time to blog, getting someone to photograph you, making sure your outfit was even worth talking was all too stressful, overwhelming, and demanding.

     Furthermore, I've become disillusioned with the fashion blog community. There's simply too many out there (many of whom that utilize a superfluous of gifted clothing to their advantage) and I don't feel as if my presence will contribute anything meaningful or unique. Fashion blogging forces one to continually accumulate a large and extensive closet, something which I do not have the means to support over a long period of time. Simply put: I cannot compete.

     Finally, my style has changed since when I first started this blog. Consequently, I feel an awkward disconnect to my past material. I don't feel as if I can relate to this blog anymore. I am now using my Tumblr more than anything else, which has allowed to reassess and refocus what I'm interested in aesthetically.

     I don't regret starting this blog. I see it as an important step in my process of discovering the kind of person I am. I now realize that my self-growth is quite evident in retrospect. And for that, I am glad. Some day, I would like to start using Blogspot again. I quite enjoy it as a platform. But, alas, that will be a different time, maybe a different place, and me...a different person.

Thanks again & goodbye for now,