March 23, 2012

Art of the Sleeve

This will be a very short post.
But what I wanted to talk about
is very important in terms of
how your outfit will carry out.

March 2, 2012

Hazel Eyes

Yay, my colored contacts came!
If you must know, I technically have brown eyes.
....Which I wouldn't even say were brown.
They're so dark they're practically black =/

Anyway, I chose hazel contacts
because one time I saw these Islander-looking kids
at my sister's old hula group.
And they were so beautiful.
They had dark tan skin
and then these piercing hazel-green eyes.
It was such a shocking contrast,
which mesmerized me the most.

And I thought,
I would like to look that exotic, too.

I don't think it looks too unnatural..?
What do you think?