March 20, 2012

The Blues

Denim on denim.
Hey, it's not everyone's cup of tea,
but it's something that should be
tried out at least once.

having only denim fabric
clothe your entire body
is weird, quirky, and strange,
but, honey, there are ways of ensuring
you don't end up looking like this:

I love you Justin and Britney, but this ain't happenin'.

Or especially this:

Oh, gosh...

So how can one wear double denim?

#1 DON'T wear the same shade of denim. This is just bad.
Go with both light and dark fabrics
with different washes and finishes (chambray?).
Create variety.

#2 DO wear a belt and/or shoes in brown or tan to break up the monotony.
Those kind of colours look good against denim.

#3 DO take note of the fit of your denim. It can affect how your outfit will turn out.
Since the first thing people will notice is how much blue you're wearing,
the shape of your jeans will be put on emphasis.
So make sure your jeans are well-fitting and flattering.
NO 80s mom jeans! Unless you're that daring...or you're a hipster =P

#4 DO wear cute accessories such as fancy necklaces, headpieces, ect...
Accessories give a feminine touch to the "masculinity" of denim,
as well as add interest to an entirely blue outfit.

#5 DO find inspiration from the runways!

...As well as from street style and fashion bloggers!

And my biggest inspiration yet...


- Leira.


  1. I've never seen a blouse like yours before!
    it's so cool!
    Did you make it yourself? or was it like that as you bought it?


    1. Claude: Thank you! The denim shirt was actually bought from Walmart (the miley cyrus & max azria brand lol). I got tired of it so I cut the panels out in the front.

  2. i love denim on denim!

  3. Haha thanks :D
    I love your shirt, great DIY! xx

  4. Love it!
    You look great!

  5. Great post - so many different ways to wear denim with denim
    Hey would love for you to check my new post

  6. I love your mad skills with the DIY. that cut out detail is really great! Not to mention the necklace- gorgeous. I also really enjoy the helpful fashion advice you give with your posts- it's always spot on. Thank you very much for your wonderful comments on my blog. They are consistently thoughtful and much kinder than my mediocre blogging deserves! I really appreciate it immensely. xxx

  7. love your shirt! so original! you look great!

    visit our blog y give us your opinion!


  8. you has a great blog. I'm very interesting to stop here

  9. I like this look!!

  10. Cute shirt! And love your JT/Britney callout...hilarious!

  11. Love the cut out neckline!
    Check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  12. love your blog! its amazing how the style of denim has progressed over the years.


  13. Wow!!!I believe no one will hate these chic!!I'm a big fan of demin!!!SO cool!! I had one last week,and I want to match it with a white loosed knitted!!

  14. This is such an awesome blog - I am so glad I found it.

    You're posts are so comprehensive. Great pics, great references and great writing. I'm in love.

    Who is the first blogger you listed? She's gorgeous and I'm obsessed w/ her shirt. Or is that a street-style pic?

    1. Thank you! Well, if you mean the 11th pic, it's a street style shot of model Joan Smalls. Her shirt is from Isabel Maran'ts Fall 2011 show. But the first blogger I listed, however, is at the 13th pic, and she is a fashion blogged name Denni Elias ;)

  15. Denim in general isn't usually my style, but I loveeee this look!

  16. cool top! so unique!

  17. i LOVEEE the denim trend!! Iv been searching for a denim mens shirt at op-shops but I haven't been lucky yet! ;) xkim


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