April 18, 2012

Drawing Inspiration from Grandpa

Not your first choice when it comes
to styling inspiration.
But I guess that's the thing about fashion.
It's unexpected.

April 16, 2012

Details, Details...

Today's post is not so much an "outfit" post,
as it is a scrutinization of details.

Details are extremely important
and often disregarded in determining
the outcome of a look.

So I thought I would spend a little time
talking about some so-called trivial elements
that I feel really add to an outfit...

April 12, 2012

Most Overused Fashion Words

Ohhhh mmaahhh gaaahhh...
It seems like every time I go on fashion blogs these days,
you're pretty much guaranteed to see the following words:

April 9, 2012

Class Act

Came back from Italy
just in time to spend Easter
with the extended family
at our Grandma's house.

I wasn't planning on
taking any pictures,
but eventually
(as it would happen with my cousins)
one thing led to another,
and what do you know...
I have a photo shoot for you all.

April 1, 2012

Roma! (p. 1)


 Hello, all.
This is probably the longest
I've ever gone
without posting.
I meant to post yesterday,
but I was busy,
and for a good reason.