April 1, 2012

Roma! (p. 1)


 Hello, all.
This is probably the longest
I've ever gone
without posting.
I meant to post yesterday,
but I was busy,
and for a good reason.

I am in Italy,
travelling with my
cousin and dad
for a week in Europe.
 you should expect
to see some pic-heavy
photo diaries in the next several days!

I'll try to do a few outfit posts
if that would intrest you more,
but for now,
my attention
lies is the stunning
city of Rome.

These pictures cannot
replace the incredible,
yet diverse atmosphere
I feel here.

Inside the airplane. Wish we had window seats, though.

Finally made it! EEK. Can't believe it.

On the way to our hotel, we saw these two street performers
who gave a little show during the entire duration of the pedestrian crossing.
Our driver gave them a tip ;)

First sight of the Colosseum. Now I know I'm in Italy.

The city was just filled with tons of 
gorgeous streets lined with the
most beautiful architecture.
I went a little overboard on these
kinds of shots. You'll see what I mean.

Want these bags. I see a lot of people here wearing
these kinds of satchels slung across their shoulders
and in front of their stomachs.
Note to self: tighten the straps on your bags.

Someone must have broken into a car. Craziest thing
I ever saw in broad daylight.

Piazza della Repubblica

We went to into the basilica on the right. It's called "Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri."

It was Palm Sunday that day so my cousin
and I each took a branch of leaves.

Catholic mass.

Italy's not complete without motorcycles.

Cutest little Italian girl ever. Her hair is just...
too amazing for words...

Things you see a lot in Rome:
small cars...

...and bicyclists.

Cappuccino. It was the perfect consistency
with the just the right amount of frothiness.

If you know anything about Italy,
it's that smoking is a part of their culture.
This underwear on display in a
store window perfectly represents that.

Eating gelato!

(Because, you know, after one day I can now speak Italian ;P)

Italy officially has the nicest doors around.
Yeah, I'm one of those people who are
obsessed with doors. I literally
wanted to stop and take a picture of
every grand and striking door there was.

Don't you just love these cute little hidden walkways??
They're everywhere!

Even the scaffolding in Italy is beautiful ;P

...and more and more doors ;)

...Part 2 coming soon!



  1. Spent a summer in Rome - so much to see. The colors make for wonderful photographs.

  2. Really lovely pictures! I've also been in Rome once, and in other Italian cities many times! I just love Italy, and I'm crazy about Italian ice cream! <3



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