December 11, 2011

A Cordial Introduction in Which I Present Myself


My name is Leira.

And this is a blog.

I don't know much about it, other than that it is my own.

As far as my purpose in establishing this online environment of individual records...I suppose it is simply for me to exercise as an outlet to channel any type of creative and undeniably personal expression I care to spend time writing and posting, open to whoever cares to listen.

Maybe that is why I choose to entitle this blog "the Quiet Spaces."
I believe I need a haven. Somewhere where I am, quiet simply, free to be whoever I wish to be. A place to think, reflect, ponder. That place where I experience the freedom in saying, "Yes, this is my passion. Let me talk about it."

The positive thing about a blog is that it resides in the vast world wide web, where there is so much anonymity that there remains a unique disconnect between the writer and the viewer.
I don't know, but there is a strange comfort in that.

As far as this blog goes, there is no direction.
I mean, I suppose this is a fashion blog.
But in reality, I have no idea.
The label "fashion blog" is merely a vague description that is used in order to conjure up some sense of organization or direction that I can either choose to follow or ignore.

So you see, I don't know what will become of all this.
In fact, I may discuss fashion, I may rant about life, and then again, I may do something entirely different.
The truth is, is that this blog shall simply go in whatever the pathway I choose to will it to, or rather, the motions of it all.

So don't expect some well-formulated plan, you unknown reader.
Just listen.

And now the part where I end with a farewell and thank you for choosing to divulge half way into my life,

Very truly,