December 25, 2011

A Christmas Outfit

As you can see, I'm standing in a hallway. I'm at my aunt's house celebrating Christmas with the extended family. I wish I could've taken these pictures outside earlier when the lighting was nicer, but that never happened so I had to make due with a simple hallway in awkward lighting. I'll do better next time.

Looking at these pictures, I hate to think that I'll turn into one of those bloggers who post a ton of photos of themselves in essentially the same dramatic positions. Yes, I know there is quite a few of them in here, but I'm just trying to see what works for me. Especially posing. Obviously, I have no clue what I should be doing in that particular area so take it easy on me.

Also, ignore my hair. It's going through that severely awkward growing-out stage. I'm trying to get my long/modified pixie cut into a textured choppy bob...soon, I hope.

So, anyway...
Merry Christmas!

Shirt: swap meet
Dress: old dress from who knows wear. Maybe from my aunt who probably got it at a garage sale lol
Skirt: Forever 21. I picked up the front part and tucked it in the waist so I got interesting draping going on there.
Tights: Betsey Johnson. I got these at Ross, which is a pretty good place to get hosiery.
Shoes: Soda. I LOVE these wedges. They're super comfortable, make me tall, AND versatile. I swear, they go with everything.
Necklace: Claire's



  1. Great shoes and lovely skirt ! :)
    Maybe We Can follow each other ?:)

    Big kiss <3

  2. i adore this picture. it showcases your outfit, BUT then there's also your smile peeking through!



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