April 9, 2012

Class Act

Came back from Italy
just in time to spend Easter
with the extended family
at our Grandma's house.

I wasn't planning on
taking any pictures,
but eventually
(as it would happen with my cousins)
one thing led to another,
and what do you know...
I have a photo shoot for you all.

The lighting isn't great,
and the pictures came out so-so,
but you know what,
I guess it doesn't really matter
when it's all in the manner
of spontaneity and familial bonding.
And besides,
 it was fun.

Very important stuff.
So bring out a glass of wine and


Yes, that's money falling.

Photos by Leira
Styling by Leira, DJ, Kelsie, Derrick
Models are (in order of appearance)
Mishi (dog), DJ, Kelsie, Drew, Chloe, Derrick, Micah

Stay classy you guys,


  1. great set of photos! looks like you guys are having a lovely time. http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com/


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