April 16, 2012

Details, Details...

Today's post is not so much an "outfit" post,
as it is a scrutinization of details.

Details are extremely important
and often disregarded in determining
the outcome of a look.

So I thought I would spend a little time
talking about some so-called trivial elements
that I feel really add to an outfit...

print mixing.
Stripes and polka-dots together
are SO 90s toddler.
(Yes, I did just say toddler)
And to top it off,
a luxe-looking necklace just
gives a bizarre feel to the entire thing.
I mean, come on, grown-up toddler clothes
with sophisticated bling?
That's one fancy baby and work it.

Here we observe the half-tuck.
Half put-together, half sloppy.

Combine them together and you got
that effortless "whatevah" look
that gives the connotation that
you might have intended to
dress appropriately,
but then you got lazy half-way
and so simply did not care
to tuck the back part in.

Oh...you're so cool...

Now we direct our gaze to
the cuff-roll.

These sloppily rolled-up cuffs
also show that we're much too cool
to care about rolling our cuffs up appropriately.

It gives the effect:
"I was in a hurry today so I rolled my cuffs up quickly
and so screw it if they both aren't clean and identical."
Because who wants identical rolled-up cuffs?
That's my question.

Just throw on some nice heels/wedges
so people will know that you are
one effortlessly classy individual.

On a last note,
I want to bring your attention to
my crotch my carelessly worn belt.
(no, that is not my arm extended to
take a picture of my crotch)

just observe the rugged negligence of it all!
Rumpled shirt...squinched pants...untucked belt strap...
Johnny...it's BEAUTIFUL!

Do you ever consider the little details
when putting together an outfit?

- Leira

Photos by my little sister and me ;)


  1. Holy smokes!!! WHAT DETAILS!!! What a look!!! What a vibe!
    I'm noticing everything here how you shot it!!! Soo cool!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  2. I love your post! Would love for you to check out my new post


  3. Wow. I love this post. It's so cool that you've focused in on the things that one tends to shirk (at least, for show).

    With this insane Coachella hype, I've really been thinking about how to appear like you don't care. These look to be the key ways.

    I had to style some guys for a clothing store the other day, and turned to my friend for advice, he explained to me the "front tuck" - which I always thought was just by chance, but turns out takes quite a bit of effort.

    Your attention to things like the cuff and the "carelessly" worn belt are AMAZING. I seriously am obsessed with your blog. I can't believe how much work you put into each post, but I am not flattering you when I say that you've inspired me to try new things. (I've gone back and read every.single.post ((stalker)) and you inspired me to try polka dot and to really listen to what I want to do, versus what I see other bloggers/fashion afficianados doing).


    apologies. had to get it all out.


    1. Apologies #2 for terrible grammar/sentence structure/spelling ... c'est la vie. Passion obstructs my rudimentary intelligence.

    2. Well, you've succeeded because I am incredibly flattered! One of the things I hoped I would get out of this blog are meaningful comments from people who truly have been inspired (even helped) in their fashion choices by looking at what I had to say.

      It was really important for me to have that, but I never really thought anyone would care since they is such a surplus of blogs these days. So even though you are just one person, THANK YOU, because it means that my wish has been granted ;) I really did hope that someone would notice the kind of content I strive to integrate here.

  4. cute!!!


  5. i love the half tuck! and god your blog is amazing! sooo in love!
    im your newest follower babe! hope you'll like my blog too and follow back ;)
    Ginger and Lace

  6. i love the combination of stripes and polkadot x http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com/

  7. Your top is so cuuuute!! :)
    xx lightbuffcolour.blogspot.com

  8. cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin:-)

  9. i love the necklace! it adds a nice touch to your outfit!


  10. nice look! love that necklace and your belt!!!
    I'm following you now in Bloglovin! do you like to follow back!


  11. LOVE this look!


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