March 17, 2012

Hardy Har Hair

Pink dip-dye

Purple dip-dye

Teal/blue-green dip-dye

Burnt orange dip-dye / Red dip-dye

Oh, hair.
It's always on my mind.
Lately, I've been really bored with mine.
I want to do something wild for once.
Just to say that I've done it,
before I get too old
and people start thinking
you're some crazy 40-year-old
going through mid-life crisis.

I thought,
Hey, I'm young.
These are my prime years, baby!
Better late than never, ya know?

The bright side (no pun intended)
of dip-dying is that it's not like
I'm dyeing my entire head.
If the ends of my hair become
really unhealthy from the bleaching,
or if I get tired of the dip-dye,
I can just snip the thing off.

Considering all that,
I have decided
that the dip-dyes above
are my main choices thus far,
particularly the red and the pink one.
Obviously, it's harder
to pull of vibrant colors
when your dark-haired like I am.

Therefore, I've concluded
that these particular colours
will give me that "wild" effect I like,
without making me look too crazy.
...even though there's nothing wrong
with looking a little insane.

Crazy, but tasteful, that's me =P

- Leira

(P.S.) Sorry for the lack of frequent blog posts. School has been a KILLER! If I'm not posting more often in the near future, you know whazzup.

Photos: 1st/2nd pic / 3rd pic / 4th pic / 5th pic / 6th pic


  1. I love these hair ! <3

  2. I really do like the look of the dip-dye trend, and any of these examples would be great! I'm thinking of colouring my hair come summer, maybe with just a few streaks of a temporary pastel dye- lilac possibly. As you said, why not go for it when you're young? Xxx

  3. The orange one is so cool! Definitely a statement.

  4. I love the girl's hair in the first picture, it's fabolous!! :)

    - Victoria

  5. i love the pink DIY!

  6. Nice post! They all look awesome!:)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  7. love dip dye, sadly i dont see anybody here in austria wearing it :/

  8. i love love love the girl's hair in the top photo...tempted to get mine done like that now! xxx


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