July 21, 2012

Not for the Bride

When I first saw this picture,
I was like, damn, who woulda thought of
going out looking like a goth bride?

You guys don't even realize how much respect
I have for people who have the balls to dress like this.
Even if this photo was taken during Paris haute couture
fashion week, it's still a balsy move.
Know why?
It's all in the veil, baby.

And it's so crazy that just donning a veil
can change the entire theme or feel of your look.
For example, there's the aforementioned goth bride,
but there's also the pretentious-sporty-prep-chic look:

Tennis, anyone?

I first became convinced of the veil-not-for-the-bride
when I saw Jil Sander's veiled beanies:

Not to sound affected, but my gosh,
the contradiction of elegance!
You could imagine the sudden urge I felt to DIY that shiz.
And it's so easy too. All you have to do is attach
a veil to a hat, or wear the actual thing by itself

and violaa completely different look.
Seriously, if it weren't for the veil, it would be
just another boring sweater day for this chick.

Isn't it amazing how one little thing
like a veil can make a major impact like that?

- Leira

(p.s. Well, whaddaya know, I guess I can't post frequently during the summer
because I actually have a life =P (joke, joke). But seriously, I'm literally in the
Philippines right now and will also be travelling to Singapore and Thailand
this summer, thus explaining my prolonged absence. Therefore, this is no permanent
hiatus we're talking about; it's just that, for the time being, I can't be here as much.
And hopefully, just maybe, things will kick back up during the school year ;)

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  1. it would be an amazing bride!!

  2. i loooove the dress in the first two photos!


  3. This is killer, amazing! Balls needed for this indeed!



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