May 30, 2012


I remember the first time I saw this outfit
and being utterly inspired.

who would have thought of working
a shirt tied around your waist
as an intentionally fashionable
aspect of your outfit?

It's GENIUS if you keep the rest of your look
very polished and let the shirt-around-
your-waist give an edgy, cool factor.

You might even have to wear a second
jacket to make it look deliberate?
If so, I'd suggest keeping everything
around the same color scheme
 for cohesiveness, so it's not like,
"I literally just threw this on."

To see what I mean, let's take a look
at Rihanna, who sported this kind of styling...

...But instead of letting the jacket fall over
her butt, the chick tucked it in her pants!
Now, this is probably major fashion faux pas
for some of you, but I'll nevertheless
deem it to be quite interesting...
ingenuitive even!

She did the same thing here:

Now, I think this shirt-around-the-waist 
works because of the usage of similar
colours/prints in the entire outfit.

For example, in her first look,
Rihanna went with a blue denim scheme.
And then she used plaid with mainly gray tones all over.
And Taylor Tomasi Hill (who's in the first picture)
worked with white-and-blue colours.

It is this kind of coherency that keeps
the shirt-around-the-waist from looking like,
you know, you just threw it on!

I think Kanye got this concept:

He did denim on denim too,
but also offset it with white on white
--a pretty fresh balance, I think.
It's a perfect example
of taking a normally sloppy
and "throw-on" article of
clothing, and making it more
purposeful and uniform
to the rest of your outfit.

Now, I don't know about you,
but I'm kind of digging this look.
Yes, it's weird.
But maybe that's the point?
Fashion is supposed to have
its moments of strangeness.

And, yes, I realize that we all have
tied a shirt around our waists before
(insert the 90s here),
so it's not like this is
revolutionary or anything.
But I think the question is:
is it becoming fashionable?
And more importantly,
would you rock it?

- Leira


  1. I actually really dig Rihanna's denim look - though I would never have thought to let it come out from my shorts.

    Though I'm not very fond of the under shorts look now - I thought the same thing about wedge tennis shoes, and now I embarrassingly want a pair. So never say never.

    I do like the tie-sweatshirt-around-waist look, though, if only because it's another way for me to casually attempt to accentuate my non-existent waist line.

    Great, perceptive post.


  2. You are more than does not make sense sometimes. Personally I dont like the way Rihanna lets it come out of her just looks messy and weird. I might try this, but Ill have to see :) Amazing post!!

    please visit my blog

  3. Taylor is my favorite dressed woman. I love her and all her outfits.
    But Rihanna is a road kill, she looks awful. The only thing she ever did right was the Tom Ford dress she were at the MET bal,l which made her look 6 sizes smaller. She wants to create trends that only Madonna could at her time.

  4. super blog, so happy i found it! x

  5. Tanks for the insperation, i know what to wear tomorrow!!! ♥

    xoxo Carolina Ferretti //

  6. I rocked it today ;)

    ♥ Thankfifi
    like TTH though, not Rhianna...


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