February 20, 2012

Drawing Inspiration from Street Style

Hey there, you unknown individual.
Sorry for the lack of presence.
No fear, though.
I have some outfits I plan on posting in the days to come.
So don't wander too far off.
I'm still here.

In the meantime,
I want to talk about street style
and the fashion tips that can be drawn from them.
Street style is where I gather many clever sartorial "how-tos."
You know...
advice on one should wear certain clothing articles with other pieces,
possibly acquiring DIY inspiration in the process.

What can I say?
Street style drives you out of a closed mindset
and forces you to consider clothes and style in a whole new light.
It pushes you to be inspired by the style of others,
while still developing your own sense of style.
This ain't plagiarism, honey.
There's individual personality involved.

With all that said,
let's take a look at some of Tommy Ton's shots of the Fall 2012 shows:

This is what I'm talking about. An outfit comprised of a single color scheme. Sounds overly simple, but nay. It's rather complicated, really. I feel that there takes a lot of guts and forward-thinking fashion sense to pull off a monotone outfit without looking, ya know, monotonous. Usually, with one-color ensembles, we tend to think of black clothes. That's where the RED comes in! I mean, really, this is just so...simple, yet so powerful and in-yo-face statement, while still be understated and sophisticated! Colorful, yet classy! If you want to try out a monochrome outfit...I suggest selecting classic pieces with strong and structured cuts and silhouettes to be used as a focal point and to create visual intrest, due to the obvious lack of variation in color.
...Also...I see that beanies are becoming very popular on the street. Go ahead a balance out the casualness of the hat with a more tailored, classic, and sophisticated outfit.

Ah, yes...overalls. So many memories of my childhood are conjured up when I think of the notorious denim onesie. I know what you're thinking. "OH MAH GOSH, THAT'S HIDEOUS. WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? A HILLBILLY?" I beg to differ, reader. When in fact, there is nothing wrong with hillbillies. Let us consider the issue: how is it that overalls are strictly determined only to be sported by hillbillies, farmers, and children alike? Brother, where are thine rights? Who dares hinder me from embracing this piece they call the overalls? Here's a solution! Nothin' like a little street style to fix the problem. As you can see above, this woman has done the inexcusable...wearing overalls...UNBUCKLED. Here the line is drawn. You're either going to say "OH HAIL NAW" or "RESPECT, GURL." I, for one, am associated with the latter party.

Here are my reasons: First of all, one should notice her well-fitted, unripped trousers. There ain't nothin' raggedy and grungy about them, consequently giving the appearance that she is a well-groomed individual. Fit and style is everything! Secondly, having both straps unbuckled for some reason looks less sloppy and more put-together than if you only had one strap buckled. Listen, friend, it's OK to hide your crotch. There's no shame in that. Thirdly, hello, fur coat!...gives that oh-so perfect balance between casual and masculine with fancy and feminine. I could totally see a child wearing this ridiculous ensemble. OH WAIT...I can totally see myself wearing this ridiculous ensemble...

I admire this woman. And I admire her exposed-nipples tastefully cut-out sweater. DIY? I think yes. Nothing like a crop top-to-the-extreme to really make an outfit. On another note, let us focus on the rest of clothes...matching top and skirt. You can't imagine the agony I feel when I realize that my tops and bottoms are not twinsies. Boo. I'm so boring. JK. But in the meantime, why don't we all stroll over to a pair and a spare and make our own two-piece set. Sounds, good? No? Oh, I see, concerned about the exposed abdomen? No worries. Take a cue from the stylish woman above and slip a shirt underneath to cover up all the skin. Go with black if you want everything to look more uniform. If you're not wearing a sweater with the exposed twinsie set, its OK to have your undershirt sleeves showing. In fact, it's a great way to take a fancy dress and wear it casually for everyday wear. (*See Man Repeller)

Oh, yeah. I bet your sleeves make you feel so cool.


Images via Style.com; last photo via manrepeller.com


  1. I love Leandra's (Man Repeller) sense of humor and quirkiness, which is what makes her blog so great. I love that second picture, too!

  2. I love the outfit in the last picture!

    And street style is totally the most inspiring thing!

    Kisses from Switzerland!


  3. cool pics!!!love street style


  4. love the pics you chose and your blog is pretty cool too.

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  5. I love observing and seeing different streetstyles. They are all so inspiring and unique! Would love to hear what you think of my latest posts!


  6. These are all unique, and fabulous in their own right. I absolutely adore the monochromatic red!

    Check me out...

  7. Love these pictures! Just lovely!

  8. Hip pics!!! The first and second are grabing my eyes!! I love the red dress~~~~

  9. I feel the same about taking my inspiration from street styles!

    Dlight from Paris

    La Rue A Du Style



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