January 1, 2012

Where I Was

Hullo, there!
I just spent the New Years in downtown Fullerton. So crazy...I've never seen the city so crowded (and foggy and twinkling and magical) before. And the weather was actually pleasantly chill, therefore, no asses froze that night!

Walking through the streets, I saw tons of chicks garbed in too tight, too short mini dresses/skirts wearing too tall heels and not to mention some donned no fabric of warmth around their shoulders. Hell, I don't know about you, but I for one ain't giving up my comfort and sanity just for the sake of ushering in a new year. My simple reasoning is that a person should start a new year in comfort, which happens to contribute a level of happiness. Freezing stiff and throbbing feet is not my idea of celebration AKA a good time.

So, I don't know if all that blabber made any logical sense, but on with the pictures! (BTW ignore the outfit, it's not the main point lol)

I don't even think this was ice...maybe plastic lol


Oh, hey, crazy smiling freako
Why do I even smile like this ?!?

My sister and her panda hat

BAM in yo face

My photographer, Hannah

Chillin' under some pipes

Waiting for our carne asadas--first meal of the year.
While we were in the restaurant, some random guy came up and with the most serious facial expression and voice said, "Hey, everyone..." then in a brighter tone, "Happy New Year."
Lol it was strange but funny.

Hannah again

Wishing you all a great New Years
And whatever that happens to mean to you
I hope you'll be happy in any case
Happiness is always a good thing

Cheers! LEIRA


  1. That looked like a cool night! I love your sister's hat! I love your style gurl!


    Eeliza Gee


  2. your sister's panda hat is so cute :) x


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